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Today an increasing number of scientists in Japan, the USA and Europe are working with computers that attempt to copy the architecture of the brain. These computers are known as neural networks. The basic elements are electronic circuits just like those in ordinary computers, but they are wired up differently, with many connections between them like those between the neurons in the brain.

The computers are not programmed in the normal way by feeding in a set of instructions. They undergo a learning process in which information is fed in, together with examples of the conclusions the computer should reach, or feedback about how well it is doing. The process is similar to teaching a child.

Professor Igor Aleksander of Imperial College, London, devised a neural network called Wisard in 1981 which could recognise a human smile - one of the very first things a baby learns. It was taught by being shown a series of pictures, some smiling, some not. From this it was able to look at faces it had not been shown before, and display on screen or printer whether they were smiling.

At Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, in the 1980s, Dr Terrence Sejnowski produced a neural network that could pronounce correctly words in English that were typed into its keyboard. The network learned just as a child does, its efforts corrected until it got them right.

The Japanese broadcasting organisation NHK has a neural network that can recognise handwritten Japanese characters with 95 per cent accuracy, regardless of size, position and changes in scale.
Neural networks are still at a very early stage of development. But if ever a computer is to be truly intelligent, most scientists believe this is how to achieve it.


Good and Bad Design Agencies

Our experience is that tried and tested business principles are the best.

A web-design firm or SEO Consultancy that has been in business for more than 5 years (bearing mind that Google has been around less than 20 years from its first inception) will be able to offer not only web knowledge and skills, but business acumen too.

They will be able to include in their brief:

  • understanding of the customers, and their need for traffic and conversion
  • building two way relationships with them and
  • keeping the message focused.
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