New, Innovative IT Development

Computers can already play chess, produce new proofs for mathematical problems, read and translate languages. But no machine, however complex, has yet come close to mimicking the full range of human thought.

Nobody has yet built a machine that can learn to speak a language. Yet this is something that children master in their first few years. It took a good deal of effort at Edinburgh University in the 1970s to produce a computer that could 'recognise' simple items like a cup or a saucer, another thing human beings regard as trivially easy.

Scientists who work in the field believe that one day the workings of the brain will be completely understood and then it will be duplicated electronically.

One of the difficulties is that computers and brains are organised differently. The brain is a network of cells called neurons. It contains between ten and 100 billion neurons, each of which is connected to about 10,000 others and all of which function at the same time.

Computers, by contrast, contain millions of individual logic circuits, each linked to only one other circuit, and each working one after the other. The information flowing through the computer goes along a single path, rather than being distributed widely, as in the brain.

Computer circuits work much more quickly than the neurons, and at some tasks the computer is better - long, complex mathematical calculations, for example. Yet the brain with its relatively sluggish neurons is far better at recognising patterns, and at learning - a process which may have something to do with increasing the density of connections between the neurons as learning takes place.


Good and Bad Design Agencies

Our experience is that tried and tested business principles are the best.

A web-design firm or SEO Consultancy that has been in business for more than 5 years (bearing mind that Google has been around less than 20 years from its first inception) will be able to offer not only web knowledge and skills, but business acumen too.

They will be able to include in their brief:

  • understanding of the customers, and their need for traffic and conversion
  • building two way relationships with them and
  • keeping the message focused.
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