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Pay Per Click Bid Management

Search Engine Eyes pay per click bid management service is designed to maximise the cost effectiveness of your pay per click advertising campaigns. The Search Engine Eyes Program covers all aspects of planning and managing Pay per click and is designed to optimize customer conversion rates and ROI. Pay Per Click Management


Search Engine optimisation

The Search Engine Eyes search engine optimisation service optimises your sites search rankings in all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN. Search Engine Eyes provides a best practice optimisation service that delivers and maintains sustained search ranking success. Search Engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is basically classified into two types depending upon the method and design used in the process. The techniques which are recommended by the search engines are called White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques. The results of White Hat search engine optimization techniques are generally very long lasting.

White hat SEO

The tactics of search engine optimization are considered a white hat technique if it does not involve any fraud or cheating and adheres to the search engines rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines are not present in any kind of a series or documents.

It is used only to ensure that the contents the user will see in the search indexes should be the same on the actual website. White hat search engine optimization can be compared to the web development which is used to improve accessibility but are not the same. Photography on a website is also a great way of improving its appearance.

Hence it can be said that white hat search engine optimization are made to make searches more fruitful for the user than cheat the search engines to show faulty results.

White hat search engine optimization may include making changes in the sites appearance, coding or organization as well as fixing problems that prevent the search engine from searching all the pages on the website. Other changes may include adding distinctive matter to the site or making it more user-friendly.


Good and Bad Design Agencies

Our experience is that tried and tested business principles are the best.

A web-design firm or SEO Consultancy that has been in business for more than 5 years (bearing mind that Google has been around less than 20 years from its first inception) will be able to offer not only web knowledge and skills, but business acumen too.

They will be able to include in their brief:

  • understanding of the customers, and their need for traffic and conversion
  • building two way relationships with them and
  • keeping the message focused.
  • We have finished the arguement on who is the best SEO consultant in the UK rankings are here